Sunday, November 2, 2014

Equality of Opportunity

President Obama constantly berates those that have been successful in society. According to his logic, those who have succeeded have done so because the system is unfairly stacked in their favor. Speech after speech he promises to level the playing field and make those that he accuses “have succeeded on the backs of the poor” pay for their alleged crimes. His now infamous “you didn’t build that” speech ranks right up there with some of the most inane statements ever made by a politician, let alone a sitting president. Ever present in his arguments are vague accusations with no specifics, wagging his finger at the 1% while he touts that it is his goal is to set policy that lift up the middle class. Those who have more than they need should pay more than their fair share. Income disparity continues to grow. The rich are getting richer. Unfortunately, his policies are making the poor, poorer and the wealthy are taking advantage of the Fed propping up the stock market. The wealthy drive our economy by spending and more importantly, creating jobs and investing. Without the supposed “evil one percent”, those of us on the bottom rungs would have much less. Those that are foolish enough to trust in this charlatan’s rhetoric will only get what they deserve.

Protests to make the minimum wage a “living wage” spring up around the country. Wisconsin Democrat congressperson Gwen Moore brings “dignity” to her position by being arrested and charged with obstruction of justice during a protest in Milwaukee. One man complains that he has worked at McDonald’s for 22 years and cannot continue to live and provide for his family with an $8.00 per hour job. I don’t want to get too judgmental here, but a person with even one ounce of ambition would have been at least promoted to assistant manager by now. Progressives complain about the one percent and how unfair it is that the wealthy do not pay their fair share. Over and over they parrot talking points that blame the successful for the failures of the “Have Nots.” The United States has been engaged in a war on poverty since the 1960’s pouring billions and billions into programs that are supposed to end poverty. This welfare system conceived during the administration of President Lyndon Johnson and declared as the beginning of the “Great Society” simply invented a new method to keep the black man down. While some may decry the fact that we have done little to eradicate poverty, progressives continue to maintain their power on the backs of the poor. African Americans, freed from the cotton plantation, are deceived by the progressive scheme and move onto the plantation of welfare dependency. Entitlements become the chains that prevent them from escaping a life of poverty. Combined with propaganda to keep the flames of racial animosity burning, black America remains angry and suspicious of conservatives while maintaining dependence upon their new masters, thanking them with their votes that continue their enslavement.

Democrat run cities, such as Detroit and democrat run states like California continue to spend money they do not have nor will ever be able to repay, providing lavish salaries and benefits to their ever burgeoning bureaucracy, using their flawed argument that their free spending is benefiting those in the lower rungs of society. Isaiah 10:1-2, "Woe to those who make unjust laws,to those who issue oppressive decrees,to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless." As more and more democrats run their governments into the ground, they expect that others pay for their foolishness. Claiming bankruptcy shifts the burden of their reckless spending to other parts of the country that maintain financial stability. Republican run cities and states continue to provide necessary services while keeping taxes low but now will be punished in order to bail out the democrats yet again.

The progressive understands the danger that the “nuclear family” presents to their grand scheme and concocts programs to replace the father in the underclass, especially targeting blacks, dividing the country by creating class warfare. Destroying faith and family is necessary for the progressives to reach their objective. Once out of the way, government dependence becomes the new religion and government entitlements replace the necessity of the family. This is the blueprint to maintain minority dependence upon the very programs that stifle their ability to move out of poverty. In some states, a premium is paid to the mother for every child born into that poverty, giving incentive to conceive even more children that will become beholding to the very people that intend to use them to maintain their power and position. What a tangled web we weave. While conservatism actually more closely mirrors the values of most African Americans, the majority of African Americans look upon conservatives with contempt. A majority of African Americans are pro-life. A majority of African Americans remain opposed to same-sex marriage. A majority of African Americans are Christian. If one would look beyond the African American’s affinity to vote Democrat, you would believe that by their stated values, they would tend to vote for conservative candidates. But, by continuing to obfuscate and confuse, using innuendo and outright lies, the progressives preserve their power with the willing vote of a manipulated and perhaps permanent underclass.

So, how to combat this perceived “inequity”? Far too many African American children are raised without a father’s influence. More than 7 of every 10 births occur out of wedlock to African Americans. Some may argue that today’s African American male that concurs with the “Hip Hop culture” that relegates women as “Hoe’s and Bitches” would not make a good father anyway. But, God intended a family to be raised by a mother and a father. When a father takes the responsibility as a parent, the paternal instinct is a strong influence. Reconnecting with God and instilling the tenets of faith in the family structure will guide both the parents and their parenting. This is how we turn back the clock and take back our nation. We need Christian parents to raise their children to follow God’s will and take responsibility for their lives. If we can once again instill Christ as first in our hearts our nation will begin to heal.

It has taken the progressive movement a very short time to completely undermine the values of a nation that took hundreds of years to form this, what was at one time, a more perfect union. The fundamental transformation of this nation is not just underway, it is almost complete. But, it is not too late to turn the tide. We can return to the fundamentals that made this nation great, but it will take time and much hard work. Progressives maintain a strong foothold in academia, in the media and in government. We must begin by getting personally involved in government, first by becoming better informed on the candidates and targeting local school boards to elect those who would make certain that curriculum includes civics, history that is not revisionary and that political correctness dies a quick and painful death.

The truth will indeed set us all free. John 8:31-32, “Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Our nation was founded upon our forefather’s Judeo-Christian beliefs and we must return to those roots. We must reject the secular progressive’s goal of governing against the will of the people. We must use the power of the ballot box to rebuke those who would work to control our lives by taking away our freedoms. We must not remain silent any longer. We are a Christian nation and it is time to reclaim our nation by replacing the secular, progressive elite with those who would properly represent the electorate. If you want to take back our country, it is time to speak out. It is time for the silent majority to be heard. We need to make a statement to the world that we will not have our lives dictated to us any longer. The choice is clear. Sit and complain while a minority opinion drives our country’s decision making or cast your vote and make certain that everyone you know who upholds Christian principles goes to the ballot box and casts his or her vote. If this does not happen soon, it may never come about and our nation will be forever changed and there will be no opportunity at all.